When Safety Is Funny

Now, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t take any safety seriously, but there are times when the health and safety guys go a step too far. We’ve all seen those signs before and a large majority of them are in our daily lives without us even taking notice. Without further delay, here they are!
Air Bag Safety Warnings
These are usually on the sun visors of any vehicle made from 1998 and on. It is important for people to know that a car has airbags, but at this point airbags have been around long enough that everyone knows what they are; but then again some people aren’t vaccinating their children. Perhaps we should just leave them be, for safety’s sake.
Warnings On The Sides Of Buckets
It’s a bucket, how much damage could it cause? Of course, that baby on the side is looking very reckless, especially with the water inside of said bucket. You know what you could do to avoid this fate? You could pick up your child or perhaps put them in a play area of some kind. I dunno, call me nuts, but I think that’s a way to solve this situation, but in the meantime on the sides of these buckets there sits Schrodinger’s baby.
Warnings On Hand Dryers
You hit the button on the metal device and are hit by a wave of heat. The warnings on the sides of these things are amazing. It has no words, just a human (maybe alien) face peering into the vents of this steel cup and in the next frame wavy lines are coming at their face and hands. This is known as “Press Button, Receive Bacon” and it hits the nail right on the head as far as this signs problem with communicating what is even happening

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