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Safety Programs

Have your company safety program completed in a matter of minutes! These safety programs pass requirements for COR, SECOR, Browz, ISNetworld® RAVS®, CanQual, ComplyWorks, Contractor Check, etc. Just add your name and logo & delete the sections that don’t apply to your operations.

Safework Practices

Purchase individual programs for your jurisdiction. Purchase only the ones you need. These documents pass requirements for COR, SECOR, Browz, ISNetworld® RAVS®, CanQual, ComplyWorks, and Contractor Check.

Safe Operating Procedures

Purchase single documents for many common jobs. Procedures include all information to pass requirements. Easily edit them to suit your specific operations. All procedures are downloadable word docs.

Safety Program Forms

Purchase complete sets or individual forms. These forms pass audits. No need to spend countless hours creating your safety program forms from scratch. All information you are supposed to be collecting and recording is included in these forms.

Services We Offer

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If you operate a business in Canada, we can assist you!

Below are just a few of the companies we have assisted and what they have to say.

Awesome company, highly recommend their services!
Barbie Evans Conrad / Conrad Oilfield Services

“Absolutely the best info and help for safety. Highly recommended. Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much.”

Shyla Conrad / Limitless
So much better than the original book I got from the first guys I used. Thanks so much for all you have done to get this in order for me. My company and personal relationship will be much better for your input..
Amber / Raytech
Wanted to tell you how great the stuff you sent me for our safety program worked out. Sent it all in and it came back with flying colors. Have a 100% rating with ISNet and passed secor with no problems.
Roger Morey / Morey Transport

Did a really good job for us! Awesome! It is great to have someone else deal with all the little details

Dennise Carlstrom / 4D Developments
You are the best!
Shawn Oliver / On The Mark Line Locating
Hi, I finally got the response from AASP. 100%. Thanks I could not have managed this on my own.
Mark Jance
I keep passing your name on. Love you guys!.
Larry Vezina / Larrys Liquids
Thx Yvonne Excellent work.…going to pass on the great work you’ve done!!!!!
Cedric Campbell / Westflow Energy
Safety2go helped me from my first day as an NCSO with NO EXPERIENCE till this present day which now I just finished my first contract on site at SUNCOR (industrial) and even received a personal thank you letter for all my hard work, which never would of happened without Yvonne.
Amy Del Vecchio / A&M Roofing

This is amazing, you have it all and you can customize EVERYTHING! Better than I could have dreamed for – THANK YOU!

Mark Willson / Christian Life Safety
Excellent work. Without Safety 2Go we would have lost our contract. Speedy, Knowledgeable, Professional, FRIENDLY! Can’t say enough good things about this company!!!
Mirium Jackson