Employee Record Keeping

In any business that has employees there are a variety of issues that can arise.  From sexual harassment to improper use of equipment, to absenteeism and tardiness, to insubordination there are different levels of issues but each needs to be addressed.

Knowing how to deal with such issues is an important aspect to businesses big and small, whether or not they have a formal Human Resources department or if one office manager handles everything from HR issues to Payroll, is mandatory to keep the workplace a friendly, structured, safe and lawsuit free environment.

Maintaining employee files helps to track performance, insubordination, attendance and on-the-job injury can help you when it is time for a review, when deciding to promote or dismiss an employee.

Safetyprograms.ca has all the safety and employee forms to make your employee record keeping convenient, easy and organized.  Avoid office discontent, and handle violation of company policies i.e. dress code, security, internet usage, alcohol or drug use, and any other possible questionable act that may occur in the workplace with the proper forms available here.

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