With over 20 years of experience helping companies like yours obtain and maintain SECOR, COR and other safety registries. We have a proven track record for ensuring our customers are satisfied. We can ensure your COR is UpToDate so that you can get to work and stay working.

Safety2Go takes the frustration out of creating your Canadian-compliant health and safety program for COR, SECOR, ISNetworld ®, ComplyWorks, CQ Network and PICS. We are an online safety company servicing small and medium-sized businesses throughout Canada. Regardless of your industry, we have an affordable, customized safety program for you. Not only do we have all the forms and resources you need, but your manual will also continually update to the latest legislative standards with just a click of a button. As a result, we make it easier for you to meet all safety requirements so you can work towards the goals that matter most to you.

Safety is about more than remaining compliant; it is about ensuring that you and your workers make it home to your families safely each night. We are a family-oriented business that cares about the people behind the PPE.

Thank you,

Yvonne Campbell, Founding Partner
Amy Del Vecchio, NCSO, Partner
Mark Brombacher, Partner





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